Moscow State Medical University (MSMU)

Moscow State Medical University (MSMU)


Moscow State Medical University (MSMU)

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Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) formerly known as the 1st Moscow Institute of Medicine, has about 250 hundred years history and 50 years of experience in training foreigners.

The State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Training, Moscow State Medical University is under The Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development.

Pre-medical and Medical courses starts in September, Fees is slightly higher than RSMU and students have to travel for about 1 and a half hours for the hostel to the main campus.

Academy Today : Today the academy is a major center for training, certification and upgrading the medical personnel and pharmacists. It has 20 buildings for studies, a clinical center with 17 diverse clinics for 3000 patients.

The Moscow State Medical University has gained a considerable experience in the foreign students training. Since 1949 specialists for 80 countries have been trained here.

Moscow State Medical University

250 years history and 50 years experience in training foreigners.

  • Situated in the heart of Moscow, convenient and easy acessibility for students.
  • Hostel : Outside campus area, about 1 and a half hours from main campus.
  • Place of Worship : Mosque, churches, temple available for students.
  • Food : All kinds of food are available (including halal food).
  • Cost of living : Approximately RM700 per month/ per student.
  • Currency exchange : RM1@8 Russian Ruble.
  • Currently, there are approximately 200 Malaysian students in MSMU.

Affiliation with other Institution

  • University of Vienna, Austria
  • Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia
  • University of Munich, Ludwig, Germany
  • University of Marburg, Germany
  • University of Oslo, Norway
  • Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine
  • University of Goteborg, Sweden
Address :
8-2, Trubetskaya street 119991,
Moscow, Russia.

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