Photo Gallery (University Gajah Mada)

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University Gajah Mada

The Special Region of Yogyakarta, one of the smallest provinces in Indonesia, has been widely known as a center of Javanese culture as well as a center of learning. Its designation as a center of learning is marked by the existence of 120 state and private tertiary educational institutions, with a student population of over 300,000. The Gadjah Mada University is the largest university in Indonesia in terms of student population. It is also one of the oldest universities in the country, founded on December 19, 1949.

Gadjah Mada University, which has taken on a new status as a state-owned legal entity since December 26, 2000, is the oldest and largest university in Indonesia. It was founded on December 9, 1949 and currently has 18 faculties, with around 54,000 students, 719 foreign students, 2,240 employees, and 2,273 lecturers. Up until now, the University has graduated 180,884 students consisting of 17,358 diploma holders, 94,923 first degree holders, 21,406 masters and 532 PhD holders.

In 2006, the quality of UGM was internationally regarded as the one and only Indonesian university that were in the international level. UGM succeeds in improving its quality as world